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Call for Welders.


Attention All Members
Edmonton Alberta Canada Local 488 is Looking for 3,500 to 5,000 Fitters And Welders for an April Shutdown.
They will begin mobilizing in mid March.
The work is for 12 weeks of 6-10’s at the Tar Sand Projects (camp jobs) and also in Edmonton ($100.00 per day worked per diem).
Hours of pay = Monday –Thursday 40 hours straight time
Friday- time and a half, Saturday’s- double time.
Wages on check= $44.36 until May 2nd then $45.25 plus $5.00 shift Premium for night work.
Airfare will be provided to and from Edmonton for all jobs. (From Michigan)
Ground transportation will be provided to the camp jobs.
All housing and 3 meals per day will be provided at the camp jobs.
All drug testing and weld testing will be done here (Local 636 Michigan) before going to Edmonton.
You must have a valid passport (book type) and no felonies to enter Canada.(D.U.I.s go back 10 years and are felonies)
No application is needed to be filled out.
If you are interested contact The Business Manager or one of your Agents.

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